Walk Through Bethlehem

This website is an Internet home for the annual event hosted by the Bellingham Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Similar Events

There are other events that are confirmed to be similar in nature, and other events that have shared the same name that are believed to be similar in nature. Perhaps you were looking for one of them? (That may be especially likely if you are seeking an event in an area other than something in or near the city of Bellingham, in Whatcom County, Washington State, USA.)

You may wish to check into information about one of the following events.

Obviously, Christmas has been widely recognized and so Christmas events have occurred worldwide. There have been multiple independently operated events in different areas which have been named Walk Through Bethlehem or Walk Thru Bethlehem, and which have shared common elements, like being an outdoor nativity scene re-creating an environment and events like what is described in the bible.

Maybe you stumbled upon this website when looking for a local event in a different area. This web page is not meant to demonstrate all Christmas celebrations or even scene re-creations, but this list simply intends to point to events named Walk Through Bethlehem or Walk Thru Bethlehem, and point to some other resources of similar events.

A quick overview indicates some common elements offered by multiple of these events include:

Some events are completely free, while some may charge for certain food and/or souvenirs, and others may have a cost simply to enter and experience the main production. The events may have many dozens of staff members (exceeding 100 volunteers in some cases). Details can vary quite a bit since these events are organized de-centralized by various independent organizations. Yet despite the differences, there are common elements, including the main theme of re-creating nativity scenes as local church organizations demonstrate passionate interest in honoring Jesus Christ.

May God bless the efforts of people as they strive to give God due glory.

Walk Through Bethlehem (Bellingham, Whatcom County)
Journey to Bethlehem (by Auburn Adventist Academy)
Journey to Bethlehem (Yakima Seventh-day Adventist Church)
Journey to Bethlehem Wenatchee
Walk Through Bethlehem
Walk Through Bethlehem (Kings Avenue Baptist Church)
Walk Thru Bethlehem (Dothan, Alabama)
Walk Through Bethlehem: First Baptist Church, Chandler, AZ
Walk Through Bethlehem: First Baptist Church, Chandler, AZ
Walk Through Bethlehem Nashville
Walk Through Bethlehem (Sanibel Community Church)
Road to Bethlehem (Living Nativity Drive-Thru)
Return to Bethlehem nativity Drive-Thru

If you would like to have a “Walk Through Bethlehem” or “Walk Thru Bethlehem” event added to this list, please reach out. It is helpful to provide:

  • Home page of event
  • Location
  • Cost

This page does not tend to provide specific individual dates, so that most of the information can remain unchanged each year (for events that tend to repeat every year, or at least most years). However, if there is a repeating pattern (like a certain weekend of December) that is expected to continue to be followed, please feel free to point that out.

This list was largely created from seeing some online presences. Inclusion on this list does not necessarily mean that the list maintainer has personally vetted every one of these activities (or anything more than a minority of them), and so this list is not meant to be a confirmed endorsement of every individual event, although the maintainer of this list does endorse the basic underlying theme that seems to be pretty common among these events. Merry Christmas!